Academic Channel, The

This site features academic programming from the major universities in Israel.


Adrienne Cooper & Zalmen Mlotek Purim Concert

Adrienne Cooper & Zalmen Mlotek - Purim Concert, St. Petersburg, 2003.


Awake, Alive & Jewish - WTOP Radio

Broadcast every Sunday morning for almost 25 years, “Awake, Alive and Jewish” is a unique blend of joyous music, interviews, educational features, Israeli news, and irreverent banter between the hosts designed to appeal to young families and the larger community.


Book of Life, The

Hosted by Heidi Estrin, this podcast features author interviews, book and music reviews, and comments from Jewish readers. Featured personalities include Markus Zusak, Alice Hoffman, Steve Brodsky, Mordicai Gerstein, and others.


Cartoon Kippah

Cartoon Kippah is an independent blog providing podcasts and commentary on issues of interest to British Jews.  Cartoon Kippah is hosted by David Yehuda Stern. The show features lives guests, music and discussion on a variety of Jewish topics.


Chagigah 88.9FM Emerson College

Tune in and celebrate! Chagigah brings you the best in Jewish and Israeli culture. A show that transcends any language barrier, Chagigah embraces classic Yiddish and klezmer music dating from 1914 to today. The music style becomes more contemporary as the show moves into traditional Israeli folk and the latest in Israeli rock. It's worth waking up for!


Cultural Disjunctions And Modern Jewish Identity

Professor Mendes-Flohr, Professor of Jewish Thought at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, seeks to compound and celebrate the ambiguities of post-traditional Jewish identities in the modern and post-modern periods while noting the discontinuities of such categories as faith, ritual, culture, territory, and ethnicity.


Einstein and the Mind of God - Part One

From “Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett”,  public radio's conversation about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas.  Part one of this series takes Einstein's science as a starting point for exploring the great physicist's perspective on ideas such as mystery, eternity, and the mind of God.


Einstein and the Mind of God - Part Two

Part two of this series delves into Einstein's Jewish identity, his passionate engagement around issues of war and race, and modern extensions of his ethical and scientific perspectives.


Einstein Recovers Judaism and Discovers Politics

This is a lecture by Robert Schulmann, professor, history, Johannes Gutenberg University.  Before 1919 Einstein's political and social interests lay fallow, their moral roots unarticulated. This talk argues that it was his search for Jewish identity as a 40-year old, in the years after World War I, as well as his growing commitment to Zionism, that laid the foundation for his active political engagement.


Folksbiene Yiddish Theater Radio Documentary by Sound Portraits

The Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre, the longest-running Yiddish theatre company in the world, was founded in 1915.  It was sustained by two of the company's veteran members – Morris Adler and Zypora Spaisman. In this American talker piece, Adler and Spaisman remember the half century they each spent with the theater.


Golden Age Of Yiddish Radio

In its heyday in the 1930s, Yiddish radio flourished across America. Thirty stations in New York alone aired Jewish programming advice shows, variety shows, man-on-the-street-interviews, news programs, music and game shows in both Yiddish and English. The programs in this collection afford us a snapshot of American Jewish life in the 1930s and 40s.


Guilt and Pleasure - Lopate Interview

Guilt & Pleasure is a new quarterly dealing with Jewish culture. Editor-in-chief Mireille Silcoff and contributor Gary Shteyngart tell us about the magazine's mission and preview the contents of the first issue (from "cowboys and farmers named Horovitz" to "Hasids vs. Brooklyn hipsters"). From The Leonard Lopate Show, December 22, 2005.


Is Israeli Classical Music Jewish?

The music of Israel is a unique combination of Jewish and non-Jewish traditions that have come together over the course of a century to create a distinctive musical culture. Immigrants from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere brought with them their musical traditions, melding and molding them into a new Israeli sound that helped define the emerging national spirit. At The Library of Congree, Ronit Seter, a scholar in the field of Israel art music, poses the question "Is Israeli Classical Music Jewish?"


Isaac Bashevis Singer

In February 2004, The Library of America hosted a discussion dedicated to Isaac Bashevis Singer's life and works.  Select from these links for audio of the discussion (1 hour, 22 minutes), which begins with an exploration of Singer and the Yiddish literary tradition.


Israel Radio - Reshet Gimmel

The "all" Hebrew music channel. - Amplified Books Index

Listen to musical book reviews and author readings on, the Online Jewish Book Community. The site features fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, interviews and profiles, first chapters, and discussions.


jCast - Jewish Podcast from London JCC

Now your iPod's starting to talk Jewish!  Welcome to jCast, the new podcast from the Jewish Community Centre for London, sponsored by the Jewish Chronicle.   jCast is a lively, off-beat take on Jewish life.


Jewish Life TV

JLTV is a 24/7 Jewish television channel serving all 50 states.  JLTV features news and sports, movies, music videos, documentaries, magazine programs, shows for children and young adults, comedy and more.


Jewish Museum – National Jewish Archive Of Broadcasting

The National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting is a valued component of the Jewish Museum of New York's permanent collection, and it is the largest and most comprehensive body of broadcast materials on 20th-century Jewish culture in the U.S.


Jewish Museum - Online Exhibitions

Online exhibitions at The Jewish Museum of New York give viewers opportunities for in-depth, interactive encounters with the collection, as well as with featured special exhibitions.


Jewish Music Videos Playlist -1

Jewish Music Videos Playlist #1 from on YouTube (26 music videos)


Jewish Stories From the Old World to the New

Listen to stories from the series which captures the vitality, humor and contradictions of modern Jewish life.


Jewish Women's Issues - Library of Congress

Susan Schneider is an author. For her work on Lilith, an award-winning Jewish women’s magazine, Schneider was awarded a Polakoff Lifetime Achievement Award in journalism. She has also been honored by Hadassah with the Golden Wreath Award and the Eleanor Roosevelt Prize by the American Jewish Congress (AJC). The AJC and the Israel Women’s Network honored her in the Knesset, together with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, as one of a select group of Jewish Women Who Have Made a Difference.



JTN was founded in 1981 as an independent, not-for-profit, production, distribution, and broadcasting company, the only producer and distributor of Jewish television in the United States. Its programming reflects the richness and diversity of Jewish traditions and experience through children’s shows, network quality news, and documentaries, as well as arts and entertainment.


Jonathan Safran Foer  Book Fest 05 - Library of Congress

Author Jonathan Safran Foer speaks at the 2005 National Book Festival. His debut best-selling novel, Everything Is Illuminated (2002) was translated into 26 languages, won several literary prizes including the National Jewish Book Award, and was made into a movie.  He lives in New York.


Judah L. Magnes Museum of Berkeley

The Magnes is a museum of art and history focused on the Jewish experience.  The Museum demonstrates a commitment to both tradition and experimentation through wide-ranging collections, original exhibitions, provocative programs, and research facilities, including the largest history center relating to the Jews in the American West.   Here are public lectures on wideranging topics, from "Is there Intelligent Art in Outer Space? to "Through the Eye of the Needle Fabric Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz".


Kol Cambridge

Kol Cambridge is the UK's only radio show dedicated to Israeli and Jewish music. Launched in 2005, it has quickly become CUR 1350's most popular program.


Ladino Judeo-Spanish Welcome to Ladinokomunita

News of the death of Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) have been greatly exaggerated. This beautiful Sephardic language is not only used daily, but it is the only acceptable language of communication in our virtual community called Ladinokomunita. The members of this Internet chat group, who may reside thousands of miles from each other on earth, have discussions with each other daily via email in the language they all understand.

Leadel.NET is a unique social change video portal and network, aimed at Jewish students professionals across the globe. The primary aim of the project is to create an online Jewish media hub with a focus on creating a link between the leaders of today and the innovators of tomorrow. Launched in September 2008, Leadel already contains a unique gallery of interviews with a wide range of leading personalities, giving a truly new perspective of Jewish culture, thought and identity around the world.


Lilith Magazine

Their collection of audio files includes  "Taking the Ritual Laugh," by Rebecca Stone, Winter 2006-2007. Generations of educated religious women, who love to live at the edge of tradition. Read by Melanie Weiss;  "Torah as the Matrix for Feminism," by Cynthia Ozick, Winter/Spring 1985. One of the Jewish feminist greats on making the connections. Read by Melanie Weiss;  "Disappointed by Zippers," by Michele Herman, Summer 2006. Read by Melanie Weiss;  LILITH breaks the sound barrier. Listen to Lilith editor in chief  Susan Weidman Schneider in a podcast interview recorded by Your Jewish Neighborhood.


Live from NY's 92nd Street Y

Live from New York’s 92nd Street Y™ ("Live") uses satellite technology to broadcast the Y's renowned educational and cultural programming to community organizations across America. For a fee, each program is available for simulcast via satellite.


Mississippi Jews

At the turn of the century, Jewish immigrants poured into towns like Greenwood, Mississippi, seeking relief from the stifling tenement life up north. By the 1930s, Jews formed the backbone of the merchant class in hundreds of these towns. Soon after, though, young Jewish people began leaving, opting for the larger cities. By the early 1950s, this small-town Jewish exodus was in full swing. Today, the exodus is nearly complete. Recorded in Greenwood, Mississippi, December 20, 1991, on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”


Nextbook Podcasts

Created as a locus for Jewish literature, culture, and ideas, Nextbook promotes books illuminating 3,000 years of Jewish civilization. Its programs include partnerships with public libraries and other organizations to create innovative public programs.


Philosophers, Fiddlers & Fools

In honor of Chanukah, KCRW of Santa Monica, California presents general manager Ruth Seymour's perennially popular annual salute to Yiddish and the little villages and towns of Eastern Europe. The site contains music, stories, and memories from a world now vanished. There are shows to hear since 2001. In Yiddish and English.


Play It Again, Maurice

A few years ago in Marseilles, a DJ put out a techno dance track that sampled the piano playing and singing of an older musician born and raised in Algeria. The track became an underground hit.  In 2003, FRONTLINE/World sent a reporter on a journey to this cosmopolitan city to meet the man at the source of this compelling old-meets-new sound.


Podcast - Jewish Kids

A daughter and her dad talk about and share everything Jewish holidays, Shabbat, stories, songs, jokes, and much more.


Shalom TV

Shalom TV is an American Jewish Television Network on Comcast "On Demand" in selected regions.  It offers hours of entertaining and educational programs and a sampling of these  programs can be seen on  Click “View Program Highlights” on the home page.


Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles

Hailed by The New York Times as "a lesson on how to connect the eye to heart and mind," the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles has established itself as one of the world's most dynamic Jewish cultural institutions, and among the most prominent cultural venues in the United States.  The museum has a number of interesting podcasts to choose from, based upon public lectures at the museum.


The Shtick

The Shtick is a weekly television program showcasing the Australian Jewish Community, broadcast on the Melbourne and Geelong community station, Channel 31, and available on YouTube. The Shtick is a showcase of spontaneous, improvised Jewish entertainment television, produced hot and fresh every week.


The World and Us

From Melbourne, Australia, "The World and Us” is a one hour program that since September 2010 has been broadcast weekly (with a repeat on Sundays)  [except on JewishHolidays] by the Melbourne Jewish Radio Station Lion FM.  Lion FM  Melbourne Jewish Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 [recorded music only on Shabbat & festivals] on FM locally to Melbourne since September 2010, and is live on the Internet at  http// .  "The World and Us" is located at http//


There Are Jews in Alabama

This site hosts a weekly podcast by a "nice Jewish couple" living in the buckle of the Bible Belt. Eric and Raya talk about married life, home renovations, their fat cat Gypsy, the Simpsons, Judaism, and anything else that wanders across their brains.


Too Jewish with Rabbi Sam Cohon

"Too Jewish" is a lively and fast-paced show for all ages that highlights everything interesting in contemporary Jewish life. It features music, arts, culture, comedy, and inspiration.

24 hour Jewish streaming radio station from the Metro DC Area, featuring an eclectic mix of music, culture and tefila.


Yiddish Radio Project

The exhibits on this site feature the Yiddish Radio Project radio documentaries that were first broadcast on NPR's “All Things Considered”, with rare Yiddish radio clips, archival photographs, and various ephemera from a forgotten radio universe.


Yiddish Voice

WUNR 1600 AM in Brookline, Massachusetts is a Yiddish-language radio show serving Boston 's Yiddish-speaking community. Yiddish voice Internet audio service includes pre-recorded interviews and songs in Yiddish.


YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

The YIVO archives holds over 22 million documents, photographs, recordings, posters, films, videotapes, and other artifacts. They comprise the world's largest collection of materials related to the history and culture of East European and American Jewry. YIVO has the foremost collection of books and documents written in Yiddish.