5000 Years of Jewish History with Rabbi Berel Wein

Rabbi Wein and the Destiny Foundation present 33 short talks on Jewish history. The Destiny Foundation produces educational and entertaining media to tell the story of the Jewish people to the Jewish people.


92nd Street Y

Founded in 1874 by a group of visionary Jewish leaders, the 92nd Street Y has grown into a wide-ranging cultural, educational and community center serving people of all ages, races, faiths and backgrounds. The 92nd Street Y's mission is to enrich the lives of the over 300,000 people who visit each year — both in person and through the Y's satellite, television, radio and Internet broadcasts. The organization offers comprehensive performing arts, film and spoken word events; courses in the humanities, the arts, personal development and Jewish culture; activities and workshops for children, teenagers and parents; and health and fitness programs for people of every age. Committed to making its programs available to everyone, the 92nd Street Y awards nearly $1 million in scholarships annually and reaches out to 7,000 public school children through fully subsidized arts education programs.


A Bibliographer Encounters the Muses Reflections on the Yiddish Theater and ItsLegacy Webcast (Library of Congress)

Zachary M. Baker delivered the eighth Annual Myron M. Weinstein Memorial Lecture on the Hebraic Book as part of the Library's celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month. The lecture was titled "A Bibliographer Encounters the Muses: Reflections on the Yiddish Theater and Its Legacy." The lecture series honors Myron M. Weinstein (1927-1998), whose 29-year tenure at the Library was spent in the Hebraic Section.  Zachary Baker is the Reinhard Family Curator of Judaica and Hebraica Collections at Stanford University Libraries.


A Journey of Spirit — The Project

From 1997 to 2002, Ann Coppel’s documentary crew followed Debbie Friedman to gather the moments that best tell her story: concerts, healing services and teaching sessions, as well as extensive on-camera interviews.


Aaron Miller on America's Elusive Search for Arab-Israeli Peace, UCLA InternationalInstitute

Podcast of Aaron David Miller lecture on his visit to UCLA 8 April 2008. Miller's talk was co-sponsored by the UCLA International Institute and the UCLA Center for Middle East Development.


Academic Channel, The

This site features academic programming from the major universities in Israel.



This is a delightfully creative music station that is produced daily by Yosi & Tzvia in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. They welcome mix tapes, station ids, demos, audio tapes, etc. and will incorporate them into their shows.



Aishaudio.com offers a searchable database of hundreds of high-quality talks from Aish HaTorah's "Voices from Jerusalem" collection, including discussions on Jewish history, ethics, law, family, Torah, marriage, holidays, and other topics.


Akhlah Learn the Aleph-Bet - The Hebrew Alphabet

This website introduces English-speakers to the Hebrew alphabet through various learning materials, from flash cards to script practice pages and Hebrew words. Although geared toward children, it is a good learning tool for adults as well.


All For Peace Radio

The Palestinian organization Biladi-The Jerusalem Times and the Israeli organization The Jewish-Arab Centre for Peace, Givat Haviva, are partners in the youth magazine Crossing Borders and maintain a long-standing, egalitarian working relationship. Together, this Palestinian-Israeli radio station broadcasts in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.


American Jewish Committee Archives

The AJC has launched ajcarchives.org, a massive online archive that contains materials from AJC's last hundred years. The website features speeches, radio programs, commercials, articles and much more.  See and hear Bella Abzug, George Burns, Gerson Cohen, Abba Eban, Hank Greenberg, Mordecai Kaplan, Golda Meir, Arthur Miller, Molly Picon, Neil Simon, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Rosalyn Yalow and much more.


American Jewish Committee Radio

Global Jewish Radio, a multimedia initiative of the American Jewish Committee, serves to keep Jews worldwide informed and connected. Radio talks, which feature world leaders and AJC experts, discuss topics from the Holocaust to anti-Semitism, political discourse in America, Islamic terrorism, and contemporary Jewish communities around the world, among other diverse subjects.


American Technion Society

The ATS Youtube programs let you hear about groundbreaking discoveries from Technion scientists.  Founded in 1941 to support the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,the ATS is the largest American organization supporting Israeli higher education.  It supports groundbreaking research in areas such as nanotechnology, stem cells, cancer and aerospace research and provides funding for graduate scholarships, fellowships and many other student support programs.


Amos Oz on Israel Today, Rice University, November 7, 2003

Israeli novelist and peace activist Amos Oz addresses present conflicts in Israel in the context of the general conflict between fanaticism and tolerance.


Andy Grove:  A Biographyer's Tale

Andy Grove, founder of Intel, was born in Hungary in 1936. He came to this country about fifty years ago. Andy was born on the wrong side of history. He was born on September 2, 1936 in Budapest. He's of Jewish origin—non-practicing. Nevertheless to be a Jew in Hungary, whether observant or not, the Nazis didn't make those distinctions.


Arab Israeli Peace Process, Rice University, February 5, 1998

High-ranking Israeli and Egyptian diplomats discuss the latest developments in and the prospects for the Middle East peace process.


Arutz Sheva - Programs

Arutz Sheva, based in Israel , is a site that offers a very rich variety of programming in English, Hebrew, French and Russian – including news, discussion, music, and Torah.  Video and radio daily news reports are among the very best available in English.  Music programming is substantial and worth exploring.


Audio Broadcasts for Jewish Holidays - Emanu-El

This site features Shabbat, Rosh Hashana and Passover broadcasts from Temple Emanu-El in New York City, as well as readings from the Haggadah.


Audio Lectures on Jewish Meditation

This audio lecture, which interprets the Kabbalah and Chassidut, expounds upon the deep meaning and purpose of meditation. It guides us through a meditation on the inner meanings of the Hebrew year 5764 – from the secrets of music to our “inner eye.”


Bergen Belsen

BBC reporter Patrick Gordon Walker was among the press corps during the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Northern Germany on April 15, 1945. Over the next few weeks, he documented what he saw, recording the first Sabbath ceremony openly conducted on German soil since the beginning of the war, interviewing survivors, and speaking to British Tommies about what they had witnessed at liberation.


Beyond the Pale

BEYOND THE PALE has aired on WBAI/New York, 99.5 FM, part of the Pacifica Radio Network, since 1995. The program, which currently broadcasts Sundays from noon to 1 p.m., explores local, national and international political debate and analysis from a Jewish perspective. We also bring listeners the voices and sounds of contemporary Jewish culture, from film critics to filmmakers, novelists, poets and musicians. BEYOND THE PALE is the only Jewish program on radio or television devoted to bringing a left perspective to political and cultural debates.


BICOM - Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre

BICOM, the British Israel Communications and Research Centre, is an independent organisation devoted to creating a better understanding of Israel in the UK.  Listen and watch leading experts analysing the latest developments in the Middle East.  These podcasts require the use of iTunes; instructions for use on available on the BICOM site.


Big J Radio

JLTV's sister radio station—JLTV features news and sports, movies, music videos, documentaries, magazine programs, shows for children and young adults, comedy and more.


Bleeding Sky, The

These podcasts were created from recordings of Louis Brandsdorfer’s mother, who recollected her experiences of the Shoah. She describes how many members of her family, from a small Polish town near the German border, died, while she and her sister survived. The quality of the recordings varies.


B'nai B'rith International's YouTube Channel

This Jewish news and features magazine from B'nai B'rith International features a search engine for previous broadcast shows.


Book of Life, The

Hosted by Heidi Estrin, this podcast features author interviews, book and music reviews, and comments from Jewish readers. Featured personalities include Markus Zusak, Alice Hoffman, Steve Brodsky, Mordicai Gerstein, and others.


Breslov Radio

למרות שאיש לא האמין, ואף אחד לא נתן הרבה תקוות, זה היה נראה חלום ורוד אך לא מעבר… אך למרות הכל זה קרה! חבורה של חסידי ברסלב, ובראשם הרב אהוד שדה, החליטו להקים תחנת רדיו, שתיקרא "רדיו ברסלב", שתשדר את דיבוריו, תורותיו, ומשנתו של רבי נחמן מברסלב בשידור חי לאלפי מאזינים מידי יום.


Building Security in the Broader Middle East

On September 15, 2006, Philip Zelikow delivered the opening keynote address at The Washington Institute’s annual Weinberg Founders Conference. Mr. Zelikow is a counselor to the Department of State, serving as the secretary of state’s senior policy advisor on a wide range of issues.


Cal Berkeley California Jewish - Muslim - Palestinian - Arab Peace Dialogue

“Humanizing the Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Day of Mutual Recognition.” The site contains Berkeley students’ statements of recognition and empathy; a talk by Rabbi Michael Lerner about the Middle East conflict; music; discussion by Mr. Al-Atar, Director of Palestinians for Peace and Democracy; and other dialogues. University of California, Berkeley, International House Auditorium, May 4, 2003.


Cartoon Kippah

Cartoon Kippah is an independent blog providing podcasts and commentary on issues of interest to British Jews.  Cartoon Kippah is hosted by David Yehuda Stern. The show features lives guests, music and discussion on a variety of Jewish topics.


Celebrate Hanukkah

Click on the song title to hear the track in Real Audio by these artists: Alan Eder & Friends, Linda Hirschhorn, Laurence Juber & Craig Taubman, Ben Sidran with Lynette, Tzimmes, Joe Black, Judy Frankel, Sruli & Lisa, Jon Simon, Flory Jagoda, Peter Yarrow, Yom Hadash, and Debbie Friedman.


Center For Jewish History

This website offers outstanding and timely lectures and music from the Center for Jewish History in New York City. Topics include considerations of Freud, anti-Semitism, Klezmer, Baruch Spinoza, and Jews and genes, among others. The center is a joint venture of the American Jewish Historical Society, the Leo Baeck institute, YIVO Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and the American Sephardi Federation.


Center for Online Judaic Studies

The Center for Online Judaic Studies (COJS), is an organization which is revolutionizing the study of Jewish history with cutting-edge internet and digital imaging technologies, including webcasting.  Their interactive encyclopedia, vast database of primary sources, multimedia presentations, and innovative educational materials serve as resources for students, teachers, adult learners, and scholars.


Central Jewish Resource - Russian Jewish Website

News and commentary, Yiddish and Klezmer music, and much more! Much of the site is in Russian.



Since 2000, Centropa has interviewed 1,350 elderly Jews still living in the 15 countries between the Baltic and the Aegean (from Estonia and Russia to Greece and Turkey), but we never use video nor do we focus primarily on the Holocaust. Instead, we collect and digitize family snapshots—tens of thousands of them. We spend between six to twenty hours with each respondent, asking them to paint for us a picture of the world they grew up in—as well as the world they rebuilt for their families after the war (we also dutifully record everything our respondents wish to share with us about the Shoah).


Chabad Online Torah Classes

This vast collection of classes on Torah from Chabad of North Beverly Hills includes courses on Talmud, Torah, Chabad, Hebrew language, stories, Jewish laws and customs, and more.


Chabad.Org Audio/Video - Weekly Parshah

Commentaries on the weekly parshah.


Chabad.Org Audio/Video

This is Chabad’s national audio/video web presence.  Hear and see recordings of the Rebbe, imaginative kids' programming, as well as discussions on Judaism, relationships, Kabbalah, Chassidic philosophy, Parshah, holidays, Jewish history, and more!


Charney Report

The program is an unrehearsed and informed discussion of current events; it is one of, if not the, best Jewish talk shows in existence today.  Leon Charney is a prominent lawyer, author, and former adviser to President Jimmy Carter, who described Mr. Charney as the "unsung hero" of the Camp David Accords.


Chassidic Jazz Project

The Chassidic Jazz Project was formed in 1998 to fill a void in Jazz and World Music. It brings the music of the Jewish people to a larger audience by using jazz as a vehicle for musical expression. The Chassidic Jazz Project is comprised of seven musicians, including its leader, veteran jazz drummer and composer Reuben Hoch and internationally renowned percussionist Robert Thomas Jr.


Chicago Community Kollel

Hear Real Audio™ Shiurim or see a video about the Chicago Community Kollel.


Constantine's Sword:  The Church and the Jews

James Carroll's book, Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews, is both a powerful and disturbing analysis of the history of Christian, especially Roman Catholic, dealings with the Jews. He argues that Christians took anti-Semitic forks in the road when they might well have written a less tragic history by following another road.  Here, Mr. Carroll and others, including Elie Wiesel and Cynthia Ozick, talk about his book.


Countering Holocaust Denial in Arab and Muslim Societies

On October 20, 2006, Robert Satloff, Akbar Ahmed, and Gregg Rickman addressed The Washington Institute’s Special Policy Forum. Dr. Satloff is the Institute’s executive director and author of Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust’s Long Reach into Arab Lands. Dr. Ahmed is the Ibn Khaldun chair of Islamic Studies at American University and former Pakistani high commissioner to Great Britain. Dr. Rickman is special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism with the State Department.


Crash Course in Jewish History

Jewish history "in 24 hours"; 32 classes of 45 minutes each, with Ken Spiro, overviewing 4,000 years of Jewish history!


Daf Yomi

Here you will find a collection of resources for learning the Daf Yomi, the daily page of Talmud studied as part of a monumental program initiated by Rav Meir Shapiro in 1923 at the First World Congress of Agudath Israel in Vienna.  Daf yomi shiurim are given by Rav Grossman of Los Angeles.


Daniel Ayalon on Israeli Peace Strategy, October 10, 2002

His Excellency Daniel Ayalon, Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United States, speaks on the Israeli Peace Strategy.


Deborah Hertz: How Jews Became Germans

UCSD Professor of Modern Jewish Studies Deborah Hertz discusses her new book, which traces the social history of German Jewish families from 1645 through the 1930s.


Deterrence in the Middle East:  Consequences of the Lebanon War

On September 16, 2006, Uzi Arad, Uzi Dayan, and Ephraim Sneh addressed The Washington Institute’s annual Weinberg Founders Conference. Mr. Arad is former head of research for Israel's foreign intelligence service, the Mossad. General Dayan is former head of Israel's National Security Council. Dr. Sneh is former deputy defense minister and current head of the Labor faction in the Israeli parliament.


Di Velt fun Yidish Audio Stories

The World of Yiddish / Di velt fun yidish / haOlam haYidi is devoted to Yiddish language, literature, and folklore. Special attention is given to Hebrew-Yiddish relations and the generations of bilingual (Hebrew and Yiddish) writers. The site presents classic Yiddish texts, e.g., Yehoyesh's monumental Yiddish translation of the Tanakh (Bible); reference and bibliographic materials, e.g., Louis Fridhandler's magisterial guide to the works of Shalom-Aleichem; and English abstracts of the Hebrew-language Khulyot, a journal of Yiddish studies.



E-Daf.com is an online source for Talmud Daf Yomi in Tzuras HaDaf. Listen to it in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.



אתניX היתה בשנות ה-90 אחת הלהקות המצליחות בישראל, ויותר מכך: מה שנראה תחילה כגימיק שיווקי שנולד מחוסר ברירה, הפך לסגנון מאוד מצליח ששינה את הפופ הישראלי ואת ההתייחסות למוסיקה מזרחית ישראלית.


Eyal Weizman on Architecture and Occupation, Rice University, March 18, 2004

Eyal Weizman, architect from Tel Aviv and London, discusses his research and map-making project for the human rights organization B'Tselem on violations of human rights by architecture and planning in the West Bank.


Folksbiene Yiddish Theater: Radio Documentary by Sound Portraits

The Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre, the longest-running Yiddish theatre company in the world, was founded in 1915.  It was sustained by two of the company's veteran members – Morris Adler and Zypora Spaisman. In this American talker piece, Adler and Spaisman remember the half century they each spent with the theater.


Fortunoff Video Archive

A collection of over 4,200 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust, the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies is part of the manuscripts and archives collections at Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.


Forward Hour ("Forverts")

In Yiddish, the weekly radio magazine of the Forward newspaper broadcasts every Saturday evening at 9 pm, WWCA 570 AM, in New York and New Jersey.


From Swastika to Jim Crow Sample

Based on a book by the late Gabrielle Simon Edgcomb, the film From Swastika to Jim Crow tells the little-known story of two different cultures that share elements of a common burden of oppression. Jewish refugee scholars who fled Nazi Germany and arrived in the United States were often excluded from mainstream American universities due to anti-Semitism and anti-foreigner sentiment. Some found employment in an unusual place - Black colleges in the segregated South.


Fundamentalism in the Middle East, October 30, 2001

Any longstanding religion may experience outcroppings of the fundamentalist impulse. But this impulse has appeared most often and most clearly in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, the classic "Religions of the Book," all of which appeal to authoritative scriptures and traditions to validate them in their struggle with modernity and pluralism. In this panel discussion, the Baker Institute brings bring together leading analysts to explore the impact of these traditions on political developments in the Middle East and beyond.


Gal Galatz - IDF Radio, second channel

The hipper radio station of the Israel Defense Forces.


Galei Tzahal (the IDF radio station)

The radio station of the Israel Defense Forces.


Golden Age Of Yiddish Radio

In its heyday in the 1930s, Yiddish radio flourished across America. Thirty stations in New York alone aired Jewish programming: advice shows, variety shows, man-on-the-street-interviews, news programs, music and game shows in both Yiddish and English. The programs in this collection afford us a snapshot of American Jewish life in the 1930s and 40s.


Hadassah Video Library

Hadassah Video Library


Hagalil.Com and Jiddisch.org

In German, this is the largest Jewish website in Europe with a wide selection of music links. It provides news about Jewish life in Germany, Europe, and information about Israel and the Middle East. The site includes pages on Judaism, Hebrew, Yiddish, and special topics for children. In recent years they have had to concentrate more on political work and education against antisemitism and neonazism on the Internet.


Hanukkah Swings! with Kenny Ellis

This holiday season gets swingin' with Hanukkah Swings! Kenny Ellis, a multi-faceted musical performer and cantor, makes Hanukkah hip for pop, jazz and big band lovers with his Favored Nations' Cool debut.  Features brilliant ensemble arrangements by Emmy Award winning composer/arranger Harvey R. Cohen.


Hatikva (The Hope) - National Anthem of Israel

Find here a variety of versions of Hatikva, including music and lyrics, in Hebrew, Transliteration and English.  One rendition is by Barbra Streisand.  The title of the national anthem, HATIKVA, means "The Hope."


Haven to Home: An American Journey (Library of Congress)

This live performance tells the stories of Emma Lazarus, an immigrant's daughter who became known as Lady Liberty's poet, and Irving Berlin, an immigrant who became one of America's best loved composers.


Hebrew - English Bible by Books - Mechon-Mamre

Here are direct links to recordings in Hebrew on the Israeli Snunit Kodesh site, provided by Audio Scriptures International and the United Bible Society, ©1976; they are not chanted with a melody, but are clearly pronounced in Sephardic-style Hebrew.


Hebrew Multimedia Resources at Stanford University

The goal of the Hebrew@Stanford multimedia pages is to share with the community of instructors and students of Hebrew the material which was developed at Stanford as well as to host content developed by other partners. These pages were designed not as an online course, but as tools to enrich and support other courses and programs.


Hebrew Programs from Australia's SBS

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is Australia's multicultural and multilingual public broadcaster. Here are its Hebrew offerings.


Hebrew Songs

This site is an index of song lyrics that have been transliterated and translated from the Hebrew for the enjoyment of our readers worldwide. It links to the Israeli dance database.


Hebron - City of the Patriarchs

Jewish residents of Hebron speak out about their lives, their history, their community, and Hebron in the Torah.


Hip Hop Shabbat

“Hip Hop Shabbat” is a CD that turned into an experience. It's an experiment that turned into a unique ceremony, and it's hip-hop that connects Jewish people to their heritage.


Holocaust and the Importance of Museums

Anthony Platt's Bloodlines is the story of how an original copy of the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, signed by Hitler and turned over to General George S. Patton, ended up in the Huntington Library vault and remained there – unknown to the world - for 55 years.  Platt discusses wartime looting, Patton’s bigotry, the Holocaust, eugenics, Jewish identity, and the responsibility of museums and cultural centers.


Honest Reporting - Films

HonestReporting.com is a website dedicated to ensuring that Israel receives fair media coverage by scrutinizing the worldwide media for anti-Israel bias.


Hungarian Jewish Radio - Radio Zs

Radio Zs is the first Hungarian language Jewish community radio which has been broadcasting its pilot program on the Internet since October 2003. Radio Zs is an unprecedented new non-profit, self-organized and organic media. They  have listeners all over the world; several hundreds of people listen to their programs every day.


I Love Torah

Reb Moshe has been teaching Torah online for 10 years.  All are welcome and we are sure that every Jew will be able to quench their thirsty neshamos, souls, throughout our websites.


Idan Raichel Project

The “Idan Raichel Project” was Idan’s first ever solo album, and it introduced him to the small niche of world-music fans on the Israeli music scene. The album was a first of its kind. It presented an anonymous composer/producer who borrowed elements from various genres and mixed them together in a unique fashion.


Inside Radical Islam

Venue: Books Inc. - Mountain View, CA.  Daveed Gartenstein-Ross speaks about “My Year Inside Radical Islam: A Memoir”.  Raised by parents who were Jewish by birth but dismissive of strict dogma, the author reveals his experience of converting to Islam and recounts a story of how a good faith can be distorted and a decent soul can be seduced away from its principles.


International Shalom Radio From Poland

Radio Szalom from Poland transmits Jewish and Israeli music - lovely!


Internet Guide to Chabad Literature

This site contains a gallery of videos of the Rebbe and other Chabad leaders and activities. Videos include ones on the Rebbe speaking in English, the Rebbe at the ground breaking for the main Chabad shul in Brooklyn, the Rebbe at various holidays, Senator Joseph Lieberman in conversation with the Rebbe, and more.


Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) with Professor Christine Hayes

This Yale College course examines the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) as an expression of the religious life and thought of ancient Israel, and a foundational document of Western civilization. A wide range of methodologies, including source criticism and the historical-critical school, tradition criticism, redaction criticism, and literary and canonical approaches are applied to the study and interpretation of the Bible. Special emphasis is placed on the Bible against the backdrop of its historical and cultural setting in the Ancient Near East.


Iran Hosts Holocaust Deniers Conference - from NPR

NPR report, December 11, 2006, on the two-day conference that brings together Holocaust deniers and foes of Israel from around the world


Iranian Jewry: From Past to Present

Webcast of lectures from the 2008 conference organized by the University of Maryland and the Library of Congress.  The Jews of Iran comprise not only one of the oldest populations of Jews in the world, but also one of the most ancient threads in the diverse fabric of the ancient Iranian community. Beginning with the Achaemenid period (550-330 B.C.) and lasting beyond the emigration of a portion of Iran's Jewish population to the United States and Israel in the late 1970s, Jews have had a complex interaction with the Persian state and culture.  The morning session focused on Jews in Medieval Persian Cultures and Resources for the Study of Iranian Jewry.    Click here for the Morning session: http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=4507 .  The afternoon session focused on Jewish Material Culture and Folk Art and Jewish Culture in Twentieth Century Iran. Click here for the Afternoon session: http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=4508


Iraqi Jewish Archives Lack Funds for Restoration

“All Things Considered,” NPR, May 9, 2005. As related in this audio piece, in 2003, U.S. forces discovered a cache of documents and sacred texts that had belonged to Iraq's once-thriving Jewish community in a flooded basement of Saddam Hussein's secret police. The records were transported to the U.S., where efforts to restore them are stalled by a shortage of funds.


Irshad Manji: Confessions of a Muslim Dissident

Irshad Manji is the author of the controversial bestseller, "The Trouble With Islam Today: A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith".   This event took place on April 19, 2005 in Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley.


Is Israeli Classical Music Jewish?

The music of Israel is a unique combination of Jewish and non-Jewish traditions that have come together over the course of a century to create a distinctive musical culture. Immigrants from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere brought with them their musical traditions, melding and molding them into a new Israeli sound that helped define the emerging national spirit. At The Library of Congree, Ronit Seter, a scholar in the field of Israel art music, poses the question "Is Israeli Classical Music Jewish?"


Is the Only Good Muslim a Bad Muslim?

A debate between two of the best writers on religion in the English-speaking world, Boston College philosopher Peter Kreeft and Jihadwatch director Robert Spencer.


Is There a Clash of Civilizations?

Venue: World Affairs Council of Northern California - San Francisco, CA.  “Muslims in the West - with Olivier Roy”.  Olivier Roy is one of Europe's most noted experts on Islam, with particular expertise on the globalization of Islam and its expression in the West. He has recently made the point that Islamism, or radical political Islam, is growing worldwide as is the radicalization of Muslims in the West. Roy discusses these trends and their underlying causes.


Isaac Bashevis Singer

In February 2004, The Library of America hosted a discussion dedicated to Isaac Bashevis Singer's life and works.  Select from these links for audio of the discussion (1 hour, 22 minutes), which begins with an exploration of Singer and the Yiddish literary tradition.



IsraCast is a Jerusalem-based multimedia broadcast and distribution network that focuses on Israeli foreign affairs and defense issues.  Its purpose is to disseminate reliable and accurate information and provide the worldwide public with an objective picture of events in the Middle East.


Israel 21c

Israel21c works with existing institutions and the media to inform Americans about 21st-century Israel, its people, its institutions, and its contributions to global society. Israel21c creates, aggregates, and broadly disseminates high-quality information to the American public about the Israel that exists beyond the pervasive imagery of conflict that characterizes so much of western media reporting.


Israel High Tech.tv

This site reports Israel’s high tech stories to the world, both as a service to the industry and to broadcast positive news about Israel around the globe. There are some fascinating developments going on in Israel’s high tech world, and this is where you will see and hear it first!


Israel Hour

An excellent, weekly one hour radio show from central New Jersey focusing exclusively on contemporary Israeli music. Live, Sundays at 1 pm; programs are archived for later listening.


Israel Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

News and background reports in both audio and video formats provide insightful presentations on topics related to Israel’s political and diplomatic situation.


Israel News Live TV INFOLIVE.TV 24/7

Infolive.tv is Israel's first news television channel in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Arabic) broadcasting live on the Internet. Infolive.tv produces a comprehensive daily live news bulletin that includes debates, editorials, interview, and reports.


Israel Radio - English Radio News

English radio news.


Israel Radio - English TV News

English TV news.


Israel Radio - Reshet Gimmel

The "all" Hebrew music channel.


Israel Radio (Kol Israel)

These are the official radio and TV stations of the State of Israel. Broadcasts are in English, Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages. English language programs contain the latest news items and reports from Israel and the Middle East, as well as major international stories and issues relating to the Jewish communities of the Diaspora.


Israel-Palestine Conflict, Davos 2007

Venue: World Economic Forum - Davos, Switzerland.  The World Economic Forum: “Enough Is Enough - Israel and the Palestinian Territories”.  Middle East leaders talk about a proposed Arab peace plan and efforts to achieve sustainable peace based on a two-state solution. Topics include the major obstacles to negotiating a peace settlement, building trust and momentum towards a resolution, and methods Israeli and Palestinian politicians could use to end a self-perpetuating cycle of violence.



IsraTV offers a fine range of innovative programming. Its mission is to be the most dynamic source of Israeli information for those outside the State of Israel. It contains videos on politics, high-tech industry, the Holy land, religion, tourism, culture, humor, music, society, and more – in different languages including Hebrew and English.



Jadio is a Jewish streaming audio site providing on-demand delivery of Jewish lectures and discussions authored by some of the world's most compelling and inspiring Jewish scholars, including Kenneth Adelman, Yehuda Bauer, Dr. Sara Bloomfield, Shmuley Boteach, Abba Eban, and Esther Jungreis


JBooks.com - Amplified Books Index

Listen to musical book reviews and author readings on JBooks.com, the Online Jewish Book Community. The site features fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, interviews and profiles, first chapters, and discussions.


JCRC of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jers

JCRC Podcast #2, 10/19/2006: KYW Newsradio's Jay Bushinsky in a conversation about the Middle East.  Jay Bushinsky is KYW Newsradio's Middle East Bureau Chief and the program was sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.



Welcome to jerusalemonline.com, the first video news update from Israel in English sent directly to your email on a daily basis. This short, to-the-point, balanced update is brought to you by Israel’s leading television news source, Channel 2 News.


Jew Among Germans, A

When the German government announced that it was planning to build a "Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe" to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in May 2005, Marzynski decided it was finally time to go to Berlin himself.  In "A Jew Among the Germans," FRONTLINE presents Marzynski's moving and provocative search for a Germany that he -- and his children -- can live with.


Jewish Book in America - Library of Congress

Jonathan Sarna, who here discusses the Jewish book in America, is the Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis University and chairs the Academic and Editorial Board of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives. He also is the author most recently of American Judaism: A History.


Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Welcome to JCCSF Arts & Ideas  Podcasts! Every year, we bring dozens of the country's most  innovative and inspiring artists, thinkers and writers to the JCCSF  stage and to our program on KALW, Binah.  Now we're bringing them to your computer, MP3 player or  mobile device, too!


Jewish Education for Adults from the comfort of your home

Got Torah? Comes to you from Oorah, a Jewish outreach organization based in Lakewood, New Jersey. For more than two decades, Oorah has been helping Jewish families connect to their heritage. Most of its volunteers are young rabbinical students who are eager to share and teach what they’ve learned.


Jewish Giant

The Jewish Giant began with photographer Jenny Carchman’s search to uncover a story that remained secret for 25 years: the story of the very large man whom Diane Arbus photographed towering over an older couple. The caption read, "Jewish giant at home with his parents in the Bronx , NY, 1970,” and this man was Jenny’s cousin. The Jewish Giant is a story of suffering, of not fitting in, of the body betraying itself, and of the bizarre life-twists that can subsume a family.


Jewish History by Rabbi Berel Wein

Rabbi Berel Wein is a noted scholar, historian, speaker, and educator who is admired the world over for his books and cassette tapes – particularly on Jewish History.


Jewish Life TV

JLTV is a 24/7 Jewish television channel serving all 50 states.  JLTV features news and sports, movies, music videos, documentaries, magazine programs, shows for children and young adults, comedy and more.


Jewish Meditation Audio Lectures

In this audio lecture, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh expounds upon the deep meaning and purpose of meditation, and then guides us through a meditation on the inner meanings of the Hebrew year 5764.


Jewish Museum – National Jewish Archive Of Broadcasting

The National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting is a valued component of the Jewish Museum of New York's permanent collection, and it is the largest and most comprehensive body of broadcast materials on 20th-century Jewish culture in the U.S.


Jewish National & University Library -  National Sound Archives

Nineteen songs we love to hear from the early days of Israel – from the recording collection of the national sound archives.


Jewish Stories From the Old World to the New

Listen to stories from the series which captures the vitality, humor and contradictions of modern Jewish life.


Jewish Thought Leaders

JEWISH THOUGHT LEADERS is a production of the Koret Taube Center for Jewish Peoplehood at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center. This podcast features talks that we have presented at our center. Each presentation is introduced by Joanne Greene, Director of our Center for Jewish Peoplehood.


Jewish Women's Issues - Library of Congress

Susan Schneider is an author. For her work on Lilith, an award-winning Jewish women’s magazine, Schneider was awarded a Polakoff Lifetime Achievement Award in journalism. She has also been honored by Hadassah with the Golden Wreath Award and the Eleanor Roosevelt Prize by the American Jewish Congress (AJC). The AJC and the Israel Women’s Network honored her in the Knesset, together with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, as one of a select group of Jewish Women Who Have Made a Difference.



Chabad offers at this site an incredible array of audio programming on topics ranging from the Daf Yomi to children’s stories, Rambam, niggunim, women’s topics, the Rebbe, lectures in Yiddish, and much more.



Traditional Jewish music. This station is broadcast over live365, an Internet multi-channel webcasting service.



JTN was founded in 1981 as an independent, not-for-profit, production, distribution, and broadcasting company, the only producer and distributor of Jewish television in the United States. Its programming reflects the richness and diversity of Jewish traditions and experience through children’s shows, network quality news, and documentaries, as well as arts and entertainment.


JM In The AM (aka Jewish Moments In The Morning)

Jewish Moments in the Morning with Nachum Segal, 6 am- 9 am and archived. The station offers three hours of music, talk, and information geared toward the Jewish community of New York and New Jersey. It is a long running program of excellent quality.


Jonathan Safran Foer:  Book Fest 05 - Library of Congress

Author Jonathan Safran Foer speaks at the 2005 National Book Festival. His debut best-selling novel, Everything Is Illuminated (2002) was translated into 26 languages, won several literary prizes including the National Jewish Book Award, and was made into a movie.  He lives in New York.


Judaica Sound Archive - Florida Atlantic University

The JSA holds over 15,000 recordings and 11,000 sounds are available via this website!  The primary mission of the Judaica Sound Archives at FAU Libraries is to collect, preserve, and digitize Judaica sound recordings; to create educational programs highlighting the contents of this rich cultural legacy; and to encourage the use of this unique scholarly resource by students, scholars and the general public.


Judaiques FM

En mai 1981, naît le projet d'une radio destinée a la communauté juive.  Octobre 1981 : 1ère émission de Judaiques FM grâce à un capital collecté auprès de 25 participants.  Ces derniers ont pour objectifs de créer une radio ouverte aux divers courants de la communauté.  Elle conserve aujourd'hui ses objectifs de départ:.  Le pluralisme d'expression, une ouverture sur la société, un ancrage à gauche en France, un soutien pour la paix au Proche Orient, ainsi que la diffusion des cultures juives.


Kabbalah Daily Lessons

International Academy of Kabbalah, under the direction of Michael Laitman, PhD, welcomes all its listeners and viewers on-camera! Lectures on Talmud and Kabbalah are translated in video and audio layout, with draft demonstration and a possibility to ask questions and receive answers.


Kabbalahmedia.info - Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Media Archive

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a practical method to attain the upper world and the source of our existence. This site maintains that by realizing our true purpose in life, people attain perfection, tranquility, unbounded enjoyment, and the ability to transcend the limitations of time and space while still living in this world.


Keren Yishai presents Rav Mordechai Elon

Website of Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem's Old City. Overlooking Har HaBayit and the Kotel, the Yeshiva has been inspiring thousands of Israeli and overseas students with a love of Torah and appreciation for the miracle of modern Israel for three decades.


Keshet TV

Israeli TV programming on a variety of subjects, from current events to entertainment. In Hebrew.


Knesset Television

This is the TV station of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).  It webcasts live  Knesset and committee meetings as well as other programs.  In Hebrew.


Kodesh channel

A Charedi channel from Jerusalem. This site is a collection of outstanding Torah and music programs that defies easy categorization - just take a look! In Hebrew and English.


Kol Cambridge

Kol Cambridge is the UK's only radio show dedicated to Israeli and Jewish music. Launched in 2005, it has quickly become CUR 1350's most popular program.


Kol Hacampus

“The Campus Voice”, FM 106.0 Tel Aviv, is the radio station of the "School of Media" at "The College of Management - Academic studies", associated to the “Voice of Israel” educational Radio. Serving as DJs and hosts at the station are media student.   “Campus Voice” is identified as a clear alternative to mainstream Israeli radio.


La Radio Juive de Grenoble online

RADIO KOL HACHALOM (the Voice of Peace, in Hebrew) is the Jewish radio station broadcasting since 1983 around Grenoble, France - the city of the 1968 Winter Olympic Games. It promotes Judaism and information about Israel and the Middle East. In French.


Ladino Judeo-Spanish Welcome to Ladinokomunita

News of the death of Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) have been greatly exaggerated. This beautiful Sephardic language is not only used daily, but it is the only acceptable language of communication in our virtual community called Ladinokomunita. The members of this Internet chat group, who may reside thousands of miles from each other on earth, have discussions with each other daily via email in the language they all understand.



Name four great Hanukkah songs. OK, then how about two? Not easy, huh? Adam Gardner (Guster) and Dave Schneider (the Zambonis) have taken up the important task of writing a bunch of great, rockin’ Hanukah songs. They have a new album of indie-pop rock songs called “Hanukkah Rocks.”


Lessons in Tanya

The virtual lessons presented here are structured after the weekly Tanya study with Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasniaski at the Chabad House of Upper East Side Manhattan. As in the live class, the Tanya text is read first and then Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasniaski's elaboration on the subject follows.


Light of the Nations

The Temple Institute's new online television Torah study series, Light to the Nations, featuring Rabbi Chaim Richman, is webcast weekly that addresses a wide variety of subjects.


Lilith Magazine

Their collection of audio files includes:  "Taking the Ritual Laugh," by Rebecca Stone, Winter 2006-2007. Generations of educated religious women, who love to live at the edge of tradition. Read by Melanie Weiss;  "Torah as the Matrix for Feminism," by Cynthia Ozick, Winter/Spring 1985. One of the Jewish feminist greats on making the connections. Read by Melanie Weiss;  "Disappointed by Zippers," by Michele Herman, Summer 2006. Read by Melanie Weiss;  LILITH breaks the sound barrier. Listen to Lilith editor in chief  Susan Weidman Schneider in a podcast interview recorded by Your Jewish Neighborhood.



Based in the UK, Limmud is a global leader in innovative, inclusive Jewish education. Founded over 25 years ago, and famed for our annual winter Conference attracting over 2,000 participants, we are proud to provide high quality, innovative Jewish educational events for thousands of Jews from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all lifestyles, and all ages.


Listen To Yiddish Music

An unusual and eclectic collection of clips and links to Yiddish music.


Machon Meir

Study Torah, see Israel, and learn Hebrew. In Hebrew.


Malkah Fleisher - Eyshet Chayil (Woman of Valor)

Malkah Fleisher is a graduate of Cardozo Law School in New York City. She and her husband Yishai live on a hilltop in Beit El. Malkah hosts the Eyshet Chayil - Woman of Valor Podcast every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio. She joins Yishai & Friends on Thursdays.


Mesora - Sources for Jewish Philosophy & Law

This website offers discussions, classes, and library resources to study Rashi, Maimonides, Nachmanides, Sforno, and others.


Michael Oren discusses "America and the Middle East"

Venue: Commonwealth Club - San Francisco, CA.  From the first cannonballs fired by American warships at North African pirates to the Marines' conquest of Fallujah, the U.S. has been dramatically involved in the Middle East. A senior fellow at Jerusalem's Shalem Center, Oren explores the diverse and remarkable ways in which Americans have interacted with this alluring, yet sometimes hostile, land.


Michael Oren Interviewed by Harry Kreisler

Welcome to a Conversation with History, a program hosted by Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies at UC Berkeley. The guest today is Michael B. Oren who is a historian and a novelist. His publications include Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East, and a novel, Reunion. He is a senior fellow at the Shalom Center in Jerusalem.


Middle East Media Research Institute

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East through the region's media. MEMRI bridges the language gap that exists between the West and the Middle East. It provides timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.


Millie's Yiddish Class

Learn Yiddish online with Millie Garfield's free video blog lessons.


Mississippi Jews

At the turn of the century, Jewish immigrants poured into towns like Greenwood, Mississippi, seeking relief from the stifling tenement life up north. By the 1930s, Jews formed the backbone of the merchant class in hundreds of these towns. Soon after, though, young Jewish people began leaving, opting for the larger cities. By the early 1950s, this small-town Jewish exodus was in full swing. Today, the exodus is nearly complete. Recorded in Greenwood, Mississippi, December 20, 1991, on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”


MPR Classical Holiday Programming

Chanukah in Minnesota from public radio – the blessings and traditional songs.


Mt. Scopus Radio

The station is operated by students from many departments of the University and broadcasts at 9 pm every evening. It offers music, information, and interviews aimed particularly at the student community.



Naaleh aims to provide Jewish individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds an opportunity to watch and learn from stimulating online Torah and Jewish video classes and shiruim, and to share ideas and ideals with others, in order to grow stronger in their service of G-d .


National Jewish Outreach Program

The National Jewish Outreach Program was founded in 1987 by Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, in response to the urgent need to address the issues of Jewish assimilation and intermarriage. NJOP reaches out to unaffiliated Jews by offering them positive, joyous, Jewish educational opportunities and experiences.


National Sound Archives Digitization Project

Jewish National and University Library, Hebrew University - Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel.  The library collects books, periodicals, manuscripts, documents, recordings, maps, and pictures that represent the history of the Jewish people.


National Yiddish Book Center

Every year, some of the world’s most interesting writers, artists, and scholars speak at the National Yiddish Book Center. The Center offers complete sound recordings of these presentations. Just click on the title you want to hear and the lecture will begin!


Navigating The Bible

An amazing journey into the world of Torah. Study the weekly portions. Hear the melodies chanted while you read text. Follow the themes and learn what the scholars say. Explore it as history, literature, and religion: a multitude of paths awaits you. In English, Russian, and Spanish.


Netivot Shalom - Resources for learning the Shabbat service

This audio guide to the Shabbat service provides sound files for all parts of the service, including Torah and Haftarah trope, and Birkat HaMazon and Havdalah.   The outline of the Shabbat morning service at Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, California, is a guide to the style and substance of our Shabbat morning service.  It was created by Cantor Pamela Sawyer.


Nick Kristof and Rabbi David Saperstein on Darfur

Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center, sat down with journalist Nicholas Kristof, New York times columnist, to discuss actions that the average citizen, as well as the United States and international governing forces can and should be taking at this time. They also covered why the conditions in Darfur are different than other human rights abuses in the world today and what this difference means for the handling of the situation.


Nostra Aetate:  Seeking Understanding in Our Age - Georgetown University

On October 28, 1965, the Second Vatican Council issued a statement that called for increased relations with non-Christian religions. This revolutionary document, named Nostra Ætate for the first two words in its original Latin text, translated as "In our age," marked a huge transformation not only in the history of Jewish-Christian relations, but of relations with Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many others.


NPR Israeli Pop Star Mines Ethiopian Folk Music

Israeli musician Idan Raichel won his country's song of the year honors with a piece that mixed pop and ethnic Ethiopian music. Raichel has helped introduce the music of Israel's immigrant Ethiopian community to a wider audience and is just finishing his U.S. tour.


Nusach Maven

Two Internet radio stations with exclusively Jewish music 24/7 on Live365.com. Nusachmaven is exclusively nusach, the liturgy of our people, featuring famous and not so famous cantors from around the world. Nusachmaven2 plays a wide variety of Jewish music 24/7.


Only In America

This is a unique series of radio programs that shows the progress of American Jews from a trickle of poor immigrants to today's thriving community of six million. The programs offer interviews with Elie Wiesel, Abraham Foxman, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michael Steinhardt, Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr., and others.


OU.org - Video & Broadcasting

This website offers online Shiurim – for all Jewish holidays – to inform and inspire. It also features video presentations on the need for solidarity in and for Israel.



The OU Radio site features various programs in audio and video from the Orthodox Union, including Torah sessions, parsha, celebrations, philosophy, prayer, and more.


Ours to Fight For: American Jews in World War II

To accompany the new temporary exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York, this is an online exhibit for “Ours To Fight For: American Jews In The Second World War”.  It features testimony, artifacts, and photographs that illustrate the unique experiences of Jews during World War II.


Outlooks and Insights - Rabbi Zev Leff of Moshav Matityahu

Rabbi Zev Leff is one of Israel’s most popular English-speaking Torah educators. For more than 20 years, he has served as the rav (rabbi) of Moshav Matityahu, a small religious community located in central Israel adjacent to Kiryat Sefer, and just outside Modiin.



You best believe it; I talk about how a small Israeli company is developing the first flying vehicle. And why else is Episode 18 different from all other episodes? Because I use Uncyclopedia as my source to talk about lotz and lotza matzah. On a more serious note, we also discuss vandalism at a Jewish cemetery, the results of a poll on anti-Semitism, and the "alien" fire of parshat Shemini. Also there's a Jewish song by a goyish comedy duo. WARNING: This episode is kosher l'Pesach!


OySongs.com - Love Jewish music

The goal of oySongs.com is to become the world's central source for Jewish audio and sheet music. oySongs, LLC, is a new, independent, digital music company.


Palestinian Media Watch

PMW was established in 1996 to gain an understanding of Palestinian society through the monitoring of the Palestinian Arabic language media and schoolbooks.


Pardes from Jerusalem

At the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, adults grapple with the most complex, compelling, and controversial texts of Jewish tradition. Pardes offers its students a unique combination of intellectual openness, rigorous textual analysis, and opportunities for spiritual growth. Podcasts from September 2005 on discuss the weekly parsha.


Peter Beinart: The Failure of the Jewish Establishment

As the Israeli government reflects its growing ultra-Orthodox population, older, liberal American Jews find themselves uncomfortably supporting an illiberal cause, while their children aren’t tempted to support the cause at all. Peter Beinart identifies this schism in Jewish America. "For several decades," he says, "the Jewish establishment has asked American Jews to check their liberalism at Zionism's door and now, to their horror, they are finding that many young Jews have checked their Zionism instead." The event was part of the 2010 Melbourne Writers Festival.


Philosophers, Fiddlers & Fools

In honor of Chanukah, KCRW of Santa Monica, California presents general manager Ruth Seymour's perennially popular annual salute to Yiddish and the little villages and towns of Eastern Europe. The site contains music, stories, and memories from a world now vanished. There are shows to hear since 2001. In Yiddish and English.


Play It Again, Maurice

A few years ago in Marseilles, a DJ put out a techno dance track that sampled the piano playing and singing of an older musician born and raised in Algeria. The track became an underground hit.  In 2003, FRONTLINE/World sent a reporter on a journey to this cosmopolitan city to meet the man at the source of this compelling old-meets-new sound.


Practical Judaism - Learn Jewish Fundamentals

Practical Judaism, from Naaleh, is geared to people who want to learn the fundamentals of Jewish faith and practice. This course, based on the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the Abbreviated Code of Jewish Law by Rabbi Shlomo Gantzfried, (ca.1886), focuses on the concrete application of Jewish Law. Some of the topics covered include how to pray, keep kosher, and observe Shabbos. The course does not assume any prior knowledge of Judaism or Torah concepts, and can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced students.


Punk Rock in the Holy Land - PBS

In Israel, a vibrant punk scene has emerged in a society torn apart by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In these four candid video interviews, FRONTLINE/World talks to the musicians driving the movement.


Rabbi David Wolpe

Podcasts of sermons, interviews and more from Rabbi David Wolpe, leader of the Los Angeles Sinai Temple and named the #1 Pulpit Rabbi in America by Newsweek magazine. He has taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York, The American Jewish University in Los Angeles, Hunter College, and UCLA. Rabbi Wolpe writes for many publications, including regular columns for the New York Jewish Week, Washington Post "On Faith", as well as periodic contributions to the Jerusalem Post, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. He is a monthly book columnist for L.A. Jewish Journal. He has been on television numerous times, featured in series on PBS, A&E, as well as serving as a commentator on the TODAY show, CNN and CBS This Morning. Rabbi Wolpe is the author of seven books, including the national bestseller Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times. Rabbi Wolpe's most recent book is Why Faith Matters (HarperOne).


Rabbi Harold Kushner - Overcoming Life's Disappointments

Venue: Books Inc - Saratoga, CA.  Rabbi Harold Kushner talks and gives stories in relation to his latest book “Overcoming Life's Disappointments”.  Rabbi Kushner is the author of "When Bad Things Happen to Good People," a book that shows us how to be our best selves even when things don't turn out as we had hoped.  Kushner turns to the experience of Moses to find the requisite lessons of strength and faith.   Rabbi Kushner is Rabbi Laureate of Temple Israel in Natick, Massachusetts, where he resides.


Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg's Videos

This extensive set of videos is an effort to bring the Jewish tradition to the attention of all those interested. Our Jewish Institute for Religious Training offers (1) Internet based conversion to Judaism for adults, (2) Hebrew/religious school for children, (3) para-Rabbi training, and (4) Adult Bnai Mitzvah.


Racially Discrimative Laws Through History

Panelists examined the persecution of and cooperation between blacks and Jews in a program "Racial Laws: Nuremberg and Jim Crow." They discussed whether a shared suffering under anti-minority legislation was a motivating factor in the alliance between American Jews and blacks from World War II through the Civil Rights era. Robert Burt moderated.  This event was held in conjunction with the exhibit "Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow: Jewish Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges" at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.


Radio 102FM

Radio Tel Aviv 102FM began broadcasting in 1996 to an area encompassing two million people (from Chedera in the North to Gedera in the South).  The programming is Progressive Rock.


Radio Ariel 106FM

Good news radio from Israel! Plus news articles about the city of Ariel, Israel, in existence since 1978.


Radio Emtza Haderech 90fm

Very western, rock oriented radio station from Israel. In Hebrew.


Radio FM 103

Hip, sophisticated, Tel Aviv radio with a music format.


Radio Jai

Radio Jai, based in Buenos Aires, is a unique Spanish-language enterprise that was founded in 1992, a few months after the attack against the embassy of Israel in Buenos Aires. It has three daily news correspondents from Israel, as well as constant journalistic presence in each place where facts are generated.  Radio Jai also discusses art, books, and other topics that help form a bridge between different Spanish-speaking countries.


Radio Moshiach And Redemption

Radio Moshiach & Redemption operates for the purpose of preparing the world for the coming of the Moshiach. "The time of your redemption has arrived," stated the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The “Multimedia” link on the site provides for your enjoyment and education various audio and video programming.


Radio Sefarad

Radio Sefarad es una emisión de la Federación de Comunidades Israelitas de España, patrocinada por donantes privados de todo tipo. Sus contenidos están dirigidos a la audiencia española e hispanohablante con la finalidad esencial de divulgar los valores éticos, culturales y científicos del judaísmo a través de su historia y desarrollo actual. Un especial acento merece la defensa de las diversas comunidades judías de los ataques antisemitas, que han adquirido especial virulencia en estos días con la coartada del anti-israelismo militante.


Radio Shalom Canada

Radio Shalom Canada broadcasts in English, French, Hebrew, and in all languages that the Jews of Montreal understand and speak. It is an independent, non-profit organization, with no affiliations to any political parties or communal organizations.



In Hebrew.



Radio-J.com is a new online Jewish radio station being webcast from Cleveland.  It offers  an eclectic mix of primarily Jewish-themed programming.



Music for your soul – gentle, soulful, and jazzy.


Raymond Beyda Online

At the web headquarters of Raymond Beyda, you'll be able to find the most recent Divrei Torah newsletters, subscribe to receive Divrei Torah via email, dedicate Divrei Torah, and even listen to classes.


RCJ 94.8 FM - La Radio de la Communauté Juive

RCJ est née en 1981, au moment de l’éclosion des radios dites « libres », créée par le Fonds Social Juif Unifié, organisme central dans les domaines de la solidarité et de l’identité de la communauté juive.  Dès sa création, elle s’est posée pour objectif d’être une sorte de « service public » pour tous ceux qui se reconnaissent dans le judaïsme français et souhaitent s’identifier à lui dans une démarche de rayonnement et d’ouverture.



A versatile musician with an innate gift for telling a story, RebbeSoul brings a new voice to the realm of Jewish music. He blends rock sensibilities, world-fusion stylings, and traditional Hebrew melodies to create a sound that is ageless yet completely progressive.


Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

In this program, Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center, sat down with acclaimed political scientist Norman J. Ornstein, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, to discuss the prospects for the 110th session of the U.S. Congress.   The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (“the RAC”) is the Washington, DC, office of the Union for Reform Judaism. The RAC has been the hub of Jewish social justice and legislative activity in the nation’s capital for more than 40 years. The RAC educates and mobilizes the American Jewish community on legislative and social concerns, advocating on issues from economic justice to civil rights to religious liberty to Israel.


Republican Jewish Coalition

View the RJC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration webcast from your home or office! The RJC, founded in 1985, is the sole voice of Jewish Republications to Republican decision makers and the Jewish community that expresses its viewpoint on a wide variety of issues.


Rhodes Jewish Museum

This site of The Rhodes Jewish Museum provides information regarding the historical exhibition located in the rooms formerly used as the women's prayer rooms at the "Kahal Shalom" synagogue. The website also offers other interesting subjects that are unique to the history of the Jews of Rhodes.


Royal Court Preacher and the Hebrew Book (Library of Congress)

In his talk at the Library of Congress, "The Royal Court Preacher and the Hebrew Book: Early Enlightenment and Hebrew Publishing in Prussia, 1700-1750," Menachem Schmelzer examines the role of an influential figure in the Prussian court, Christian theologian and scholar D.E. Jablonski, who founded the Hebrew press in Berlin in 1690.



Safam, the Boston based six-man band, has been a major presence in Jewish music in America with their "Jewish-American Sound" since 1974. Often copied, never duplicated, they are originals – original music, original lyrics, original arrangements – and their songs have become a fabric of our Jewish lives and have kept Safam at the forefront of the Jewish music scene.


Samuel & Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies

Since 2000, the Stroum lectures have been recorded and can be viewed at any time on streaming video. Click on a link to watch a specific series; then click on one of the  lectures in that series.  Lectures include:  Professor Jonathan Sarna, Brandeis University, "Revivals and Awakenings in American Judaism"; Professor Ilana Pardes, Hebrew University, Jerusalem "Agnon's Moonstruck Lovers: the Song of Songs in Israeli Culture"; Professor Yael Zerubavel, Rutgers University, "Encounters with the Past: Remembering the 'Bygone' in Israeli Culture"; Professor Lawrence H. Schiffman, New York University, “Creation, Revelation & Redemption: The Religion of the Dead Sea Scrolls”; Professor Aron Rodrigue, Stanford University, “Sephardi Jewries and the Holocaust”; Professor Susan Handelman, Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv “Find Yourself a Teacher: The Mentor/Disciple Relation in Classical Jewish Thought and Contemporary Practice”; Professor Chava Weissler, Lehigh University,  “Jewish Renewal in the American Spiritual Marketplace”; Professor Michael Stanislawski, Columbia University, “In the Culture of the Rabbis: Asher of Reichshofen and Glikl of Hameln”; Professor Paul Mendes-Flohr, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, “Cultural Disjunctions and Modern Jewish Identity”; and Professor Calvin Goldscheider, Brown University,  “Studying the Jewish Future”.


San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Watch videos from the oldest and largest Jewish film festival in the world, without schlepping to one of the festival's San Francisco theaters. From trailers to clips to full-length shorts, we're bringing you a delicious taste of the best of contemporary Jewish cinema online.


Shalom Sesame

Produced by Sesame Workshop, the non-profit creator of Sesame Street around the world, Shalom Sesame offers children and families an introduction to Jewish life and Israel through video, games, and resources for parents and educators. On this site you will find: Clips from the Shalom Sesame DVD series; Interactive games,activities, and e-cards; Parent tips and suggestions for extending the learning at home; and Educator materials to bring Shalom Sesame to life in the classroom.


Shalom TV

Shalom TV is an American Jewish Television Network on Comcast "On Demand" in selected regions.  It offers hours of entertaining and educational programs and a sampling of these  programs can be seen on Shalomtv.com.  Click “View Program Highlights” on the home page.



She'arim Gateway to Your Future Your Personalized Torah Experience small classes; warm atmosphere; dedicated faculty; all in Jerusalem She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women offers an exceptional approach to education that combines personalized teaching, textual study skills and an integrative approach to personal growth. She'arim relates to each student as a unique person, individualizing schedules and classes as necessary.


Shimon Peres, President of Israel

Shalom. Welcome to my new YouTube channel. Here you will find my speeches, activities, and blessings. Please join me in finding solutions to three key issues: how to advance peace in the Middle East and the world, how to further reconciliation between different faiths, and how to harness new technologies for the good of mankind. I ask you to share your thoughts, suggestions, opinions, and dreams through comments, video responses, and a virtual press conference I will soon hold.


ShmaisRadio.com Jewish streaming music LIVE!

ShmaisRadio.com, where users can request a Jewish song, is a site maintained by Hershey Chitrik and affiliated with the Shmais (Lubavitcher) news service.



SiddurAudio started when Rabbi Mark Zimmerman, from Atlanta, GA decided to update his shul’s siddurim to the new Siddur Sim Shalom published jointly by the Rabbinical Assembly and United Synagogue. He decided to produce digital recordings of our service liturgy, including the home rituals, Torah trop, zemirot,etc. This new learning tool that will help to create a more siddur-proficient and knowledgeable Jewish community.


Simple To Remember

This website includes discussions by Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen (Jewish Fundamentals), Dr. Rabbi Akiva Tatz (Jewish Mysticism), Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky (Funny), Rabbi Berel Wein (Jewish History ), Dr. Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb (Jewish Philosophy & more), Gila Manolson (Modesty & Relationships), Rabbi Zelig Pliskin (Personal Growth), Rabbi Jonathan Rietti (Jewish Basics), Rabbi Dovid Kaplan (Reasons For Mitzvahs), Ken Spiro (Crash Course Jewish History), and Tovia Singer (Jewish Response To Christian Missionaries).


Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles

Hailed by The New York Times as "a lesson on how to connect the eye to heart and mind," the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles has established itself as one of the world's most dynamic Jewish cultural institutions, and among the most prominent cultural venues in the United States.  The museum has a number of interesting podcasts to choose from, based upon public lectures at the museum.


Speak Hebrew with Moshe and Leah

Join Moshe, Leah and friends on their first day speaking Hebrew. An armchair adventure as they pick up their first Hebrew words.  Hebrew is easy to learn and fun to speak.  This animated ulpan is a first step in understanding Hebrew speech. Ulpan is a word derived from Aramaic - it means "learn."


Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive

The Steven Spielberg Jewish film archive  started to make its films accessible online in 2002; today, it contains more than 300 full films viewable over the Internet, for the purposes of study, research, or production.  Films cover topics including Jewish communities, Holocaust, pre-State, State of Israel, and Hebrew University.


Talkline Communications Network

One of America’s leading Jewish radio and television sources since 1981, “Talkline” features Zev Brenner, Dov Hikind, Art Raymond, Melissa Kleiner, Country Yossi, and Phil Blazer.


The Forgotten Jews

A film about the mass exodus of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa in the 20th century. The Forgotten Refugees explores the history, culture, and forced exodus of Middle Eastern and North African Jewish communities in the second half of the 20th century. Using extensive testimony of refugees from Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Morocco the film recounts the stories - of joy and suffering - that nearly one million individuals have carried with them for so long. The film weaves personal stories with dramatic archival footage of rescue missions, historic images of exodus and resettlement, and analyses by contemporary scholars to tell the story of how and why the Jewish population in the Middle East and North Africa declined from one million in 1945 to several thousand today.


The Gaza Crisis from an Historical and Personal Perspective

The Gaza Crisis from an Historical and Personal Perspective - a lecture given by the Program for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University's Michael Oren at Georgetown University on January 28th, 2009.  Michael Oren currently serves as Israel's Ambassador to the United States.  Dr. Oren is the author of Six Days of War: June 1967 and The Making of the Modern Middle East and Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present.


The Shtick

The Shtick is a weekly television program showcasing the Australian Jewish Community, broadcast on the Melbourne and Geelong community station, Channel 31, and available on YouTube. The Shtick is a showcase of spontaneous, improvised Jewish entertainment television, produced hot and fresh every week.


The Spiritual Audacity of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Abraham Joshua Heschel insisted that the opposite of good is not evil, it is indifference. Born into an esteemed Hasidic family in Poland in 1907, he was a mystic who wrote transcendent, poetic words about God. At the same time, he marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and organized religious leadership against the war in Vietnam, embodying the social activism of the biblical prophets he studied. We explore Heschel's teachings and his prophetic legacy — his "spiritual audacity" — for people in our time.


There Are No Fears (Library of Congress)

Yevgeny Yevtushenko, a poet, novelist, film maker, and professor of literature and cinema, recited his poetry in both English and Russian in a program titled “There Are No Fears.” He was born in Siberia, where his ancestors were sent into exile at the end of the 19th century. His 1961 poem "Babi Yar," a denunciation of both Nazi and Russian anti-Semitism, brought him international recognition. Yevtushenko was awarded the American Liberties Medallion of the American Jewish Committee in 1991.


Too Jewish with Rabbi Sam Cohon

"Too Jewish" is a lively and fast-paced show for all ages that highlights everything interesting in contemporary Jewish life. It features music, arts, culture, comedy, and inspiration.


Torah Today

Powerful and thought provoking, daily 1-minute streaming audio Torah messages delivered to your email box.


Torah Tots - Music

This site contains audio programming for kids. Topics include Parsha, holidays, music, and Jewish tradition and history.



TorahMedia.com's vision is to make ALL the Torah audio libraries accessible and searchable in ONE place. Search through a wide variety of comprehensive Torah recordings and enjoy thousands of hours of Jewish learning.


TorahTalk.com - Torah on the Radio

Hosted by Rabbi Yaakov Menken, “Project Genesis on the Air” invites Jewish scholars to examine current events, Judaism (kashrut, the Talmud, Siddurim, holidays, etc.) and other topical issues. The last show aired on November 7, 2004.


Tovia Singer



Traditional Prayers and Blessings

Hear and read traditional prayers and blessings; a great tutorial!


U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. offers a unique collection of materials concerning the Holocaust. It also contains important collections about crimes against humanity carried out in other times and places. Online catalogs provide partial access to some of the museum’s collections. Webcasts are available in the film and video, music, and oral history collections. The multimedia archive of events also holds important resources.


Union for Reform Judaism - Reform Voices of Torah-audio

Listen to this week's Torah commentary.


Virtual Cantor

The purpose of this site is to promote the proliferation of Nusach (traditional music for reciting Jewish prayers, and the liturgy in the prayer book) and to make a Nusach readily accessible to those who have a desire to learn and to deepen their Judaism.


Voices of the Wall

"Voices of the Wall" is a video that describes the controversy over how women pray at the Kotel, the Western Wall, in Jerusalem.


Vox Tablet

Created as a locus for Jewish literature, culture, and ideas, Nextbook promotes books illuminating 3,000 years of Jewish civilization. Its programs include partnerships with public libraries and other organizations to create innovative public programs.



WebYeshiva is an online yeshiva that offers free classes and shiurim on topics including Torah, Talmud, Gemara, and Mishnah.


Western Wall Camera

View a live picture of the Wall.  The picture is updated every minute of every day.


Western Wall Heritage Foundation

The Foundation's objective is to convey  the values inherent in the heritage of the Western Wall, to preserve and develop the Western Wall and its Tunnels, and to develop educational frameworks that make Jews everywhere feel closer to Jerusalem.


WFM Internet Radio

The most popular Internet radio station for youth in Israel. Good music and interesting talking while surfing the web, and you can even watch the show's hosts by our cameras, located in the studio. Lots of good music, and lots of fun!


What is Judaism

Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, Chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary, talks about the essential nature of Judaism with host Larry Josephson. Recordings include talks on Passover, Hanukkah, the High Holy Days, Purim, and other holidays, as well as what it means to be a Jew.


What Went Wrong... and Why (Library of Congress)

Bernard Lewis of Princeton University and Mohammed Arkoun of the Sorbonne University discuss relations between the Middle East and the Western nations. May 7, 2002.


William Kristol and Rabbi David Saperstein - How to Further Jewish Values

From the 2011 URJ Biennial Forum.  Two leading politically active and influential Jewish intellectuals, one from the Right and the other from the Left, delve into the question of furthering Jewish values.



24 hour Jewish streaming radio station from the Metro DC Area, featuring an eclectic mix of music, culture and tefila.


Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs'and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, is the Jewish people’s memorial to the murdered Six Million and symbolizes the ongoing confrontation with the rupture engendered by the Holocaust. Containing the world’s largest repository of information on the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is a leader in Shoah education, commemoration, research and documentation.


Yeshiva University News - Torah Online

This site contains various short videos from and about YU, including commencement speeches, holiday events, and the history of YU.


Yiddish Programs from SBS

This Yiddish broadcasting site covers topics including Israel, holidays, health, the Holocaust, tributes to Hanna Arendt, world Jewry, Yiddish literature, Chagal, and dozens of others.


Yiddish Radio Project

The exhibits on this site feature the Yiddish Radio Project radio documentaries that were first broadcast on NPR's “All Things Considered”, with rare Yiddish radio clips, archival photographs, and various ephemera from a forgotten radio universe.


Yiddish Voice

WUNR 1600 AM in Brookline, Massachusetts is a Yiddish-language radio show serving Boston 's Yiddish-speaking community. Yiddish voice Internet audio service includes pre-recorded interviews and songs in Yiddish.


Yidish Music

YiddishMusic WebRadio, an online Brazilian radio, plays different kinds of Jewish music—from Yiddish to Russian, Ladino, and Hebrew, and from instrumental to liturgic, modern, and traditional—24 hours a day. In English and Portuguese.


YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

The YIVO archives holds over 22 million documents, photographs, recordings, posters, films, videotapes, and other artifacts. They comprise the world's largest collection of materials related to the history and culture of East European and American Jewry. YIVO has the foremost collection of books and documents written in Yiddish.


Your Jewish Neighborhood

This podcast of Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Lafayette, California, contains discussions on Jewish traditions and rituals, current events, movements, interviews, and other topics.  This weekly program sets the standard for synagogue webcasting/podcasting.


Zelda Show - with Zelda Young

The Zelda Show is filled with Jewish news, commentary, and entertainment. It airs in Toronto, Monday to Friday mornings from 9 am to 10 am, and on Sunday from 8 am to 10 am, in association with CHIN, the largest multicultural radio station in Canada.